Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated in the United States; therefore, we want to showcase the talent and inspirational projects that are being made by Latin Designers whose pieces are part of our sartorial gallery in WE WEAR. 


'We are proud of our Latin Culture'

First, let me introduce you to one of our newest guests on board, the Argentinean based brand Valentina Karnoubi. This romantic and inclusive brand, which was born in 2019, aims to tell stories about women in a language based on flowers and colours.

The creative and sustainable universe of the Valentina Karnoubi stands for values such as respect, commitment and creativity in which each of their pieces are carefully crafted so that the person wearing it will treasure it for a long time. This brand is definitely producing fashion for dreamers in which trends are not being followed, but rather experimentation is part of the process where the silhouette leads the way with artisanal techniques and complex embroidery to deliver a timeless and femenine aesthetic. 

Another beautiful brand that recently joined WE WEAR is Daniela Hoyos, a Colombian jewellery firm that celebrates all year long the Latin American charm by taking inspiration from it in each collection.

Daniela Hoyos blends cultural heritage with sophistication whilst honouring beauty and tradition. The jewellery pieces are uniquely designed and conceived through three main techniques : handmade embroidery, goldsmithing and sericulture. Daniela Hoyos believes that legacy is a material or immaterial aspect that is transmitted from generation to generation as a present; therefore, she likes to preserve this legacy through her work since it is a projection of the people’s history, tradition, values and sense of identity to know where we come from and where we are going.



WE WEAR also hosts Cefér, a project born in 2018 in the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina, and conceived by three partners. Cefér is an artistic research created by altering things that had already been produced, appropriating it and giving this new creation a new life, a new meaning. The partners think that Cefér is like a collage, in which over a material and by bonding different resources, it creates itself.

The Argentinian brand combines the artisanal techniques since everything is made by hand with local materials as well as being a perennial project since they do not follow trends, but rather let the piece transcend these and create itself as previously described. Moreover, it is a brand that stands for authenticity as they stick to their values at they want to continue to be eccentric by standing out from the crowd.


The South-American roots are present in our marketplace with athleisure designed in the coastal city of Lima in Peru. Thalassa Movement is a conscious activewear brand co-created by two childhood friends Gabriela and Alexandra, from Brazil and Peru respectively, who share a common love for the ocean. What makes this brand special is that they are as unexpected as the waves of the sea, bringing collections that do not follow rules, nor trends but they follow their good vibes. Another value that this brand offers is that they produce in small batches to minimize waste, while using organic fabrics and choosing to produce in workshops, rather than sweatshops. They design for the pieces to have longevity in people’s wardrobes in the pursuit of having fun and freeing fitness from performance.




We are happy and proud to share with you this short but wonderful journey through some of the talents from Latin America for you to discover different perspectives of fashion that mix and match the contemporary world with heritage and tradition . I hope that this review will seduce you to take a mental trip to this beautiful continent and learn more about the design scene where many brands are also invested in the well-being of the planet and community.

Lastly, I invite you to explore the different creations from these and many more Latin American designers, whose creations are available in the sartorial yet conscious selection of WE WEAR.


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