Shop with upcoming labels such as MANDINGA that show expressive prints and silhouettes.


We’ve all seen the current trends going around social media platforms. Those swirly patterns, fruity colours and chunky accessories. I don’t know about anyone else, but they are giving me wardrobe envy. I personally have a wardrobe full of neutrals and I love that colour palette!. But something about this current fashion trend makes me want to explore adding colour, fun and pattern to my style. So I gave it a go; and bought some pieces!. Here I am giving you my thoughts, brands I’ve found & styling tips on how to give that spring/summer wardrobe envy this year.

WE WEAR is the perfect stop for this style in my opinion. Shopping with upcoming labels such as MANDINGA that show expressive prints and silhouettes. 


  It can be daunting purchasing a style that you’re unsure on. You may love the  item and looks you’ve seen on others, but sometimes pulling the trigger on a new look can be difficult. That being said, pull the trigger! Sometimes you need to have a refresh and that doesn’t mean altering everything, but spicing up your look will make those neutral moments more special and less tiring. Sometimes I find myself falling for the same items in my wardrobe and as much as I love them - it can get monotonous. I don’t ever want to feel bored of an outfit but this can happen, especially when you don’t like to stray far away from cream, black and white.

Here are some tips that I have collected from trying to expand my wardrobe. 


I saw the Paloma Wool blue check trousers on Instagram, and I immediately fell in love. I thought they were so trendy and would be so much fun to wear. But, I couldn’t bring myself to spend on them, even though I loved them because I knew that they were quite far out my comfort zone and realistically, I wasn’t going to wear them to the excess of justifying the purchase. But seeing these trousers made me want to play with my fashion, so I decided to look for a neutral pair of trousers, but still with a print of some sort. I bought the brown tree trunk Paloma Wool trousers instead, and I can tell you now, I do not regret this purchase! So, I suggest when trying a new style, listen to your comforts and look at your current wardrobe. Don’t change everything at once and see what colours will go with your current staples. Me buying the brown trousers, I knew that these would go with most of my tops in my wardrobe without a struggle and that meant I knew I would wear these enough for the price they were.



Pick your favourite neutral colour and try to find an item you love with a heavier print. Wearing my brown Paloma Wool trousers have given me the confidence to push my fashion further, style new trends and try new looks. Trends will come and go and sometimes its worth letting them leave. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and try them because you never know, you might find a new go-to-look that will turn heads and give your wardrobe that extra sparkle that it desires.  





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