At WE WEAR, we want our consumers to have full transparency with our brands, that's why we wanted to see and know about the creative direction behind the beautiful brand, Amalia Vrana Seawear. So, I reached out to Amalia and she has kindly answered a few of my questions!

Swimwear that makes a women feel “effortlessly-themselves”

1- What made you start the company? 

This project started as a hobby, in parallel to my main job, architecture. I always had a keen interest in fashion, photography and art direction, so this became my way to combine all the above, be creative and express myself.

2- Describe your brand in two sentences…

Amalia Vrana Seawear is an Eco-Conscious swimwear brand that combines creative, high quality design with a holistic sustainable approach, on the basis that design and sustainability should not compromise each other. AV celebrates Greek and Mediterranean sea culture, creating unique pieces which combine elegance with comfort, and can be worn all day- and summer- long.


3- What inspires your designs?

 Greece, Architecture, Graphic Arts and Nature. 

4- What do you have in place to help keep your brand sustainable? 

We work hard to understand our context and improve our supply chain by collaborating with artisanal Greek producers, identifying re-claimed/cycled materials for fabrics and buttons, using organic packaging, recycled materials for labels and marketing material.

We donate a section of profits to sea-related environmental NGOs.

We try to keep production local, small and hand made, and we were fortunate enough to recently have the ELLE Young Talents Awards for “Fashion Innovation”, because of this purpose.

We are also currently working on ways to minimise our transport carbon footprint - we will be announcing our new ideas soon!

5- What's your favourite product of your collection? 

That's a difficult question..! If I have to choose, I will go for our Blue Yves from our latest collection, which features a beautifully minimal design, and it is made of regenerated fabrics in my favourite shades of blue.



6- What's your favourite part about the design process? 

Designing the collection, both patterns and fabric prints. This is the most creative, even healing, part of the process. I also enjoy the aspect of finally presenting /communicating our work to our crowd, i.e. the photoshoots, creating content for our blog etc. 

7- If you have a new collection coming soon, can you give us a sneaky insight/description of the collection? 

I have just started working on the next collection and I am very excited about it. All I can say is that the inspiration comes from nature and it will feature new colours, beautiful prints and pieces, as well as some extra items - hopefully! 

8- Sustainability is a big conversation in fashion right now, What advice would you give to designers, brands or consumers with keeping sustainable/more ethical?

 I am also in the process of understanding what sustainability and "being ethical" means to me as a creative being but also as a person, so, with that in mind, I would advice young designers or brands, to basically forget about "growth" in the traditional sense, to have an understanding of the whole manufacturing and production process, as well as the life cycle of their products.

For the consumers, to buy less, to prefer quality over quantity, to support young independent designers rather than big commercial retailers. 



9- And finally, please give 3 words to describe the way you want your swimwear to make women feel… 

Carefree, elegant and effortlessly-themselves.  



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