Maren Jewellery is a brand founded by Helge Maren Hauptmann that designs sustainable jewels. But more than that, it tells a story of how there can be a beautiful harmony in creating eco-friendly pieces and an expression of mindful and considerate love.

Also, we consider the answers’ of this conversation a perfect example of how the designer thinks of her brand. An aligned perspective on how a brand can always be a little bit more than its materialistic value. A humbling story that inspires WE WEAR to be better. And that is why in regards to the last question Helge made us, we can proudly respond ‘yes’.

1- First, we would like to know how did Maren Jewellery started? What motivated you to create a jewellery brand rooted in sustainability values?

For me, Maren Jewellery is a logical consequence. Something like the essence of everything that makes me as a person, what touches me, moves me and inspires me.

I have already worked in the jewellery industry for ten years, but I noticed more and more that something new was forcing itself into my creative process, 'A love of sustainability, vegan lifestyle and zero waste'. I wondered if that couldn't exist all together, and Maren Jewellery is a clear answer to the question.

Of course, my love for jewellery craft, design and sustainability can exist together without carrying a contradiction in itself. 

2- How would you describe the Maren Jewellery customer?

First and foremost, our customers have one thing in common: a love of high-quality jewellery. They have a great understanding of modern, conscious consumption and are interested in more than just owning the desired product. They want to know how it is made, who makes it, what resources are used and why. Our customers are educated women and men who bring a love for the beauty our earth offers them. They also care - as we do - about the future of the planet.

3- The word ‘story’ is very present in your collection description. What is the main story you want to tell with your brand?

Our main story is your story. The story you allow our jewellery to tell - in your life. It can be any genre: a love story, a sad story, a funny story. If we were to tell a story, it would be about searching and finding, about the search that we all start at some point and that finds its end in finding.

We search for what excites us, what makes our heart beat faster, what fascinates us so much that we can't help but go all in. We are looking for us. And when we find it - it's like breathing for the first time. A deep breath of air after years underwater. Perhaps a story of freedom. But above all, one of passion, where the world still wants to be enchanted, where it wants to be grasped and changed in a craft sense just as it does on a larger level.

 ‘Our story is written by love’

4- As you know, sustainability has been the ‘hot topic’ in the fashion industry for a while. However, not many consumers are aware about a sustainable approach regarding jewellery.

What do you think Maren as a sustainable brand can contribute to this change of mentality?

We find it incredibly important that our customers can make an informed decision about our jewellery, that's why we take them along into our production process. We are totally committed to transparency.

We introduce our partners, the gem setters, refiners and diamond growers with whom we forge our jewellery. We reveal the figures: In our Sustainability Report, everyone can read about the impact each of our jewellery pieces has on climate change and how that relates to conventional jewellery. I don't know if I would go so far as to see that as our mission, but it's important!.

As you say, a lot of customers don't have the sustainable approach on their minds yet, and we hope we can help change that.



5- Do you believe that luxury and sustainability can walk together?

I firmly believe it!. You see, jewellery and humans are deeply connected. Humans always produced pieces of jewellery as a personal statement about themselves, but today there is a problem: the way jewellery has been produced so far, it no longer fits the scientific findings. Something has to change. But to do without jewellery at all? That seems impossible to me. It is too important for us! Therefore, jewellery must be rethought. So, it's inevitable that ways are found to bring luxury and sustainability together, and that's what we're doing.

6- What is your most significant achievement (positive contribution to the wellbeing of the planet) that Maren Jewellery has reached as a sustainable brand?

What Maren Jewellery is for me, what makes us special, is that we produce luxury jewellery in harmony with nature.

We are not only inspired by the beauty of nature, but by breaking new ground, using different materials, thinking jewellery differently, we can help preserve the beauty of nature as well.

I'm proud of that. Because it was my goal with Maren Jewellery from the beginning.

7- What is the main inspiration behind the creation process of Maren Jewellery design pieces?

When we work on a collection, the question is always how to bring our inspiration, which ranges from forests to flowers to waves, into our world. A world made of calm, unagitated lines, where whispers ring louder than shouts. An empathetic world. Mindful. Besides, if you take the most beautiful thing there is as your model, as we do, then you have to live up to a certain standard.

That's why it's important that we always question ourselves: 'Where can we still take something away, where have we perhaps laid it on too thick, or where does it need something more?'

8- If you had to choose one favourite piece from your collection what would it be and why?

The Wave Ring embodies much of what Maren Jewellery is all about, from inspiration to the finished piece of jewellery, the design direction is clear. The design is simple and yet expressive. And what's important to us is that it's timeless without being out of time.

You can just wear sneakers with it or an evening dress. You can go to a party or wear it to the office. You will always be well dressed.

9- Do you believe that your sustainable approach can be a competitive advantage for consumers to buy the brand’s pieces?

Our customers are interested in the origin of our jewellery. They want to know who forged them and under what conditions. We provide answers to these questions. For us, however, this has less to do with wanting to have a competitive advantage. More: We are proud of what we create and build. We believe that our customers see and understand that. When undecideds choose a sustainable product instead of a conventional one, the earth is always happy too, and that's what counts.

10- Many people might be curious about the concept of ‘Eco-Synthetic diamonds’, can you explain us a little bit more about this material?

Synthetic Eco-Diamonds are diamonds grown in the laboratory. They are chemically, optically and uniquely identical to their natural counterparts. The difference: we know exactly who produced them and under what conditions.

With our choice for synthetic and against natural diamonds, we make a decision against child labor, war and exploitation. Everyone knows that!. What a few know: 'We are making a choice for diamonds whose purity spares no comparison, for safe origin and undeniable beauty. What more could you want?'

11- What do you think is the greatest challenge of a sustainable jewellery brand?

What really took effort was the supply chain. Finding partners whose way of working, attitude and vision matched ours - that took time. But we are all the prouder of the people we work with, and we think our jewellery reflects that.

12- What are the next steps for Maren Jewellery? Any future projects you would like to share?

We will continue to work to bring people closer to the possibility of sustainable luxury jewellery, to produce jewellery that speaks to us because it holds the beauty of nature, to make the silent and the delicate resonate. And, of course, we want to continue telling our story. The one about love, the one that merges with yours. 'Perhaps you would like to do the same?'



Madalena Amado

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