What will our future #fashionweeks look like post Covid-19 now we’ve had digital LFW?


We’ve seen our first Digital London Fashion Week in February and it was one we were unsure on what to expect. Fashion Week has been a staple in the industry for the past 35 years! It allows designers and brands to showcase their collections with beautiful displays of storytelling and this year, it was a very different story to tell…

Covid-19 has truly shaped and altered the way we live, pushing people to find new ways of creativity and, with that, finding new ways to display their art. Pre-pandemic, there was some form of exclusivity with Fashion Week. You knew the old fashion houses that were going to be there - Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, etc. You also knew that the only people that would be seeing those shows were current fashion personnel, celebrities and a large group of influencers. You had smaller designers and brands too, such as Molly Goddard, Alexa Chung in between others, and upcoming designers fresh out of UAL, CSM, RCA. But now, there is virtually little to stop anyone from putting on a digital show.


So with that being said, Will this exclusivity around Fashion Week shift? Will there be more access to these luxury fashion brands shows with online memberships, and Will this come with a hefty price tag? Will it be open to the public, influencers, fashion-only related practitioners?


Fashion Week is essentially there to gain momentum on designers' upcoming collections that they hope will relay into sales. With the conversation around fashion being centred around sustainability and conscious shopping, Will this change the path/reason for fashion week?


So many questions with little answers - I feel that it’s something that only time will tell.


I do believe that as with anything, the consumer will dictate the show and with the way it’s going, I feel that brands will open their doors to a wider public and allow more eyes on the runway, digitally at least. Saying this, it may take away the speciality and sparkle of Fashion Week. Knowing that more eyes are on the runway, more phone cameras flashing, more accessibility to the world's largest luxury fashion shows - Will it become less dazzling?

Many #fashion houses will have been severely financially hit by the pandemic, and opening this new way of Digital Fashion Week will help grow the fashion economy. This #digitalfashionweek revelation has enabled brands to cut back on costs, travel, production and marketing. Forward-thinking and flexible brands will gain the most out of this shift to digital fashion weeks with new tools to enable their digital shows. Tools such as 'Click to Buy', so you could shop the runway while watching the season drop! This tool would also allow brands to see the star items and allow the products' production to be more tailored to this analysis.
Personally, I think this new path that is being paved of digital fashion shows could be a real asset to the fashion industry. It may be time to give this 35yo tradition a little re-fresh and carry forward this new style of runway into our new post-pandemic fashion lives.
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