Selling your products at WE WEAR is easy and simple!

If you are a brand or designer and you want to showcase and sell your products with us, please complete the form in "Apply to Sell" and provide the required information to enter the selection process. Or you can email us at Currently, we accept up to 25 brands every six months ensuring relevance in our platform and engagement with a wider audience.

We look for emerging luxury brands and designers with a slow-fashion and sustainable approach; those who have a powerful narrative, an authentic identity and want to push the boundaries within the industry.

At WE WEAR, we believe in new creative talent that desires to contribute to change consumer habits with the design and creation of original and conscious products. We are passionated about what we do, and we are strongly committed to become the first online store and fashion content platform that supports and exposes those who seek to change the structures already determined.

If you want to learn more about our Terms & Conditions Agreement Contract, please email us at to request the full document.