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We try to create an easy and conscious shopping experience for our customers. Because sustainability is a very broad word and can be misleading, we have created a series of icons to index and assess all the brands and products in our catalogue so our costumers, YOU, can have a more clear and conscious decision when buying from us.

At WE WEAR we vet all our brands and designers against our principles. Although they all share similar values and commitments towards the planet’s environment, living beings and society; each of them might have a greater impact on their carbon footprint reduction than others, wellbeing improvement, or a different approach on how to tackle different issues and causes in the way they produce their amazing designs. Regardless of which one or combination of these are, all of them play an important role.


This item is produced by skilled craftspeople helping to keep culture and tradition alive.


This item is produced following a circular economy strategy such as re-using or up-cycling, recycling, repairing or take-back programmes, contrary to a linear production process. This helps to reduce waste production.


No animal testing or harmful practices are employed for the creation of this item during any stage of its production by supporting animal welfare.


This item is produced with responsibly sourced synthetic or natural chemical-free, non-toxic, biodegradable or low-impact materials and dyes which are amiable to the environment and the people.


The brand or designer that produces this item collaborates with/or employs people from local communities, minorities, or marginalised groups by making sure they have fair and safe working conditions to empower their wellbeing socially and financially.


This item is unique in concept and design created by the brand or designer.


The brand or designer that produces this item has as part of their business model the commitment to contribute in action or a percentage of their revenue to environmental or social causes.


The materials and workmanship to produce this item are sourced in the same region. This helps to create jobs, support the community, and boost the local economy whilst reducing carbon emissions as less transportation is required.


The brand or designer that produces this item has a net zero carbon footprint by managing and reducing their energy and water consumption, waste production, and contributing to carbon offsetting schemes.


The materials employed to produce this item are plant-based and/or derived from organic farming without synthetic chemicals helping to reduce pollution whilst being safer for the people that makes it and wears it.


The brand or designer that produces this item is committed to the reduction of their carbon footprint by minimising the use of fabrics, energy, water, and waste production.


The brand or designer produces this item on a small scale with a conscious approach on their sourcing and production process, and wellbeing of its employees; contrary to traditional retail practices and fast fashion principles.


The brand or designer that produces this item publishes how each item from its collection is made and measures its environmental impact for the entire of its life's cycle from Cradle-to-Grave or Cradle-to-Cradle.


No animal materials are used for the creation of this item during any stage of its production helping to reduce the impact of animal agriculture.