At WE WEAR, thinking about fashion is thinking consciously. For this reason, we focus on brands and designers with a slow-fashion and / or with a sustainable approach towards their production process.

Some of the attributes we consider to choose the brands and designers showcased in WE WEAR, are: quality, durability, design, timeless, and originality. Additionally, we also look at brands and designers that work with sustainable or recyclable materials, having an artisanal work, or an ethical commitment to generate a positive impact.


At WE WEAR, we showcase and sell brands and designers where some of them work with local manufacturers and a small groups of artisans from its same community to produce the products. This helps to create and honour local work, generating new job opportunities, and fair working conditions.


We set it all ! At WE WEAR, we integrate the brand or designer's stock to our platform, which means that we do not purchase stock in bulks, and we do not ask the brand to produce alternative stock for us. Syncing the stock allows us to become another selling channel for the brand; this helps the brands to reach to different markets, speed the selling of items and reduce piles of unwanted stock.


At WE WEAR, we introduced a pre-order system for some of the products we commercialise. These are only produced when made-to-order instead of manufacturing large quantities of the same product that can drive to unsold stock. In this way, production is more controlled and limited. Pre-order items are also unique because you will be wearing something made especially for you.



At WE WEAR, one of our priorities was creating a minimal packaging to reduce the unnecessary materials and volume to ship the products that we sell.

We have chosen to work with packaging companies that apply sustainable strategies to produce it. Our shipping boxes and bags have eco-friendly properties that respond positively to the environment.

Some of the attributes that can be found in our packaging are that is biodegradable, plastic-free, uses of certified wood, natural glue, alternative ink, recyclable or compostable, ad it can have multiple uses. Our packaging is also produced in factories that sources its energy from renewable sources.

Other characteristics of our packaging are that is efficient for fulfilment, weigh and volume reduction which helps to reduce the emissions of green house gases.



It is not a gimmick! We are under a global climate and environmental emergency. The Fashion industry and the logistic behind the production and shipping of the goods has a big impact on the amount of greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere, affecting the planet and all the living beings in it. It is our only home, and we need to take good care of it.

Over the past years, consumers around the globe have increasingly become aware of the needs to change the ways of old retail practices towards a more focused eco-friendly and consciously consumption approach.

That is why at WE WEAR, and as an online retail platform, we are committed to source and sell fashion goods in a more conscious, ethical and sustainable way by working with emerging luxury brands and designers under a slow-fashion frame, whilst at the same time creating jobs for local communities. The products are manufactured with enduring materials on small batches or by pre-order without the use of exotic leathers, nor contributing to the fur farming industry. Contrary to fast-fashion, our business model focus on quality, longevity, unique and timeless design instead of seasonal trends.

As a business, we are aware of the limitations on the fashion industry towards the planet, as well as the environmental implications and carbon emissions of our practice. Although we still have long journey to cover, we have adopted a complete paperless operation on our office daily basis, eco-friendly packaging, and we work with energy efficient and low-consumption equipments.

Additionally, we are engaged to reduce and offset our carbon emissions with different Carbon Offset Schemes by investing in environmental projects around the world in order to balance out our own footprint. Furthermore, we are partnering with courier companies that are committed to be Carbon Net Zero by 2050, and that in the meantime, they are reducing their Operational Carbon footprint with different programs.

By buying from us, we make sure that most of the profits go to the brands and designers for them to be able to keep designing and innovating, creating jobs, and that we contribute to different carbon offset schemes as well as other social programs in developing countries.

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