WE WEAR is an e-commerce and content platform with a sustainable approach that is born as a space to display, promote and commercialize emerging luxury brands and designers. We focus on those that have products with a unique design and high-quality, a slow-fashion production process, a sustainable and ethical commitment, as well as a high creative imprint.

Inspired by different cultures, styles and movements, WE WEAR is founded with the intention of offering to customers a diverse variety of exclusively curated products plus an exquisite selection of brands.

Our retail business model works as a digital pop-up store where collections and items can be sold for a certain time, as well as being featured on WE WEAR through editorial content on its various social platforms. Our aim is to promote innovation and creativity, always rewarding quality and artisan work that is focused on generating a more sustainable and conscious fashion.

"There is nothing we love more than Fashion"

Our MISSION is to encompass a wide range of slow-fashion emerging luxury brands and designers, prioritizing exclusivity, quality and product design. By creating this space, we seek to offer our customers access to unique items made under non-massive production processes.

Our VISION is to project ourselves as an international fashion destination thanks to our offer of products, brands and business model, providing to our customers with an unmatched shopping experience and a constant diversity. 

Our VALUES are transmitted in what we believe, feel and pursue to create. At WE WEAR, we trust the new creative talents in the industry who desire to contribute to a change in consumer habits through the design and creation of original quality products. We are passionate about what we do, and we are strongly committed to being the first online store and fashion platform content that supports and exposes those who seek to change the structures already determined.